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Welcome to Environmental Geochemistry

The core focus of the research carried out by our group is to investigate water, carbon and the emergent biogeochemical processes that they drive. We use a combination of tools, including hydrologic and reactive transport modeling, data science, and isotope geochemistry and focus on both natural and managed watersheds. The primary goal of our work is to understand how Earth's environments are controlled by the feedbacks between chemical, biological and physical processes and how these processes are modified by human interactions.

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Our research in the area of freshwater focuses on water availability and water quality in wild and managed environments. 

Design in Science

We are providing tools and learning experiences to bring design to scientific teams to enhance creativity and problem solving.


Our research in this area is focused on the carbon cycle, past and present. We are especially interested in understanding how carbon is transferred between the soil environment and the atmosphere and how such transfers might inform management strategies. 

Dana Thomas working on equipment

Carbon Dioxide Removal

We are interested in strategies that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, including geologic carbon storage, enhanced weathering. We are also developing novel approaches, including a method to capture carbon dioxide in soils.